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Leave the hosting to us

Maybe you just want beverages and biscuits at break time. Or perhaps a sandwich buffet for your delegates after a big presentation. Whatever you have in mind, we have a range of catering options available, so chat to us about what you’d like when you make your booking.


We have a range of cold and not drinks, as well as sweet snacks to have throughout your visit

Cold Drinks

Jug of tap water   I   Complimentary

Jug of cordial   I   Complimentary

1.5  litres still water   I   1.10

1.5 litres of sparkling water    I   1.50

2  litres of carbonated drink   I   2

1.75 litres of Coca-Cola   I   3

1.5 litre jug of fruit juice   I   3.50

Hot Drinks

Flask of hot water   I   Complimentary

Tea / Coffee (first cup)   I   1.30

Tea / Coffee (more cups)     1.15

Tea / Coffee (flask for 10 people)   I   13

Something Sweet

Biscuits  I   0.55

Chocolate bars (Assorted)  I   0.95


Croissants   I   0.75

Danish Pastry   I   0.75

Doughnut   I   0.75

Flapjack   I   0.55

Fruit basket / Platter   I   15

Mince Pies   I   0.55

Muffins   I   0.75

Scones   I   0.65

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